We face a serious crisis of public health and the best way to fight it is information.

Sophie is the most awarded and recognized Artificial Intelligence platform in the world and will help keep your team aware of how to proceed in this time of crisis.

Sophie is available for FREE in a few hours on your website or intranet and has an extensive knowledge base on the Covid-19. Don't worry, Sophie can be available with no licensing cost.

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This is a time when the pressure on your HR and service areas will increase exponentially. Sophie will help your company to deal with this demand. Click on the button below and our team will contact you.

Sophie, a more humane help chatbot,

encouraging more companies to solve problems in times of crisis.
Service solution that clear all doubts on the buzzword of the moment. You can teach her to be more assertive and resilient.
Scale your company's conversational operations with a robust bot to streamline the digital service of your website or intranet.

  • Personalized service
  • Creation of unlimited bots
  • Voice channel
  • Custom message limits
  • Unlimited integrations (via Bizagi)
  • Advanced control (SAML, OAuth)
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Integration with various interfaces

  • Telephony / voice platform integration
  • Standard interface customization via css
  • Image gallery
  • User management
  • Service trees
  • Self Learning
  • Service logs
Generate awareness about the crisis with a smart bot.
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Ability to organize complex knowledge bases; Stefanini's own development, which makes it possible to integrate and make the tool more flexible in order to better meet the particularities of each client; It is based on voice biometrics, which replaces other types of passwords and speeds up the Average Service Time (TMA); It enables a higher rate of correctness in voice transcription already achieved in the Portuguese language and in the Brazilian team, which facilitates the development of the tool together with customers.

Retail, finance, telephony and health, logistics, HR, manufacturing, the Sophie platform is integrated by cutting edge technologies, coming from its own teams and international partners. With chatbots everything can be automated.


- Platform with multiple languages;
- Great ability to understand complex contexts;
- Ability to understand synonyms, typos in time or verbal mode, as well as understanding idiomatic expressions;
- Editorial tool that allows the creation of new contexts by editors or business analysts, without the need for programmers;
- Integration with several service ticket tools, allowing the opening, closing and accounting of the process without human intervention;
- Multichannel operation with integration with web, mobile and social networks such as facebook and messenger;

Sophie works with natural language understanding. One of the main components of intelligence is the ability to communicate with intelligent and human systems to explore its potential. The natural language is processing and understanding and allows users to communicate and simulate human communication. One of the main goals of the digital virtual agent Sophie is to make a more human conversation between the agent as the main use of AI. Natural Language Understanding (NLU) allows users to interact with virtual assistants in a conversation in a natural way. The virtual agent Sophie can tolerate ambiguity and unpredictability, adapt and change the interaction according to the context, resulting in higher rates of automation and more satisfaction better customer experiences.

Dozens of companies around the world already use Sophie in their operations.

Artificial intelligence with empathy.

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